Phase 1 Site Prep


6/11/2018 TayEx is stripping sod and topsoil from the site for Lenz to haul away.


6/21/18 Contouring of the site in progress. Drainage material from the old baseball fields is being stockpiled for use as utility backfill.


CTB – Concrete Treated Base


6/27/18 The building pad is being treated with cement to stabilize it between phases.  The surface is graded, then a spreader distributes a specified quantity of cement over the soil surface, followed by the milling equipment, which tills the cement into the soil at a depth of 12”. Water is added as needed. Another 12” of soil, called a ‘lift’ is spread on top and graded until building pad is at the correct elevation.



Spreader being filled with cement.

Mill head.



6/28/18 Portable demolition in progress. Debris is placed in a container and removed to be sorted for recycle.


Soldier Pile Wall


7/2/18 Steel for the soldier pile wall has arrived on site



7/2/18 Drilling for pile placement. Holes will be 40’ to 45’ deep.



Blue, clayey soils being removed.

Finished hole



7/2/18 Placing soldier piles.



Tack welding lagging anchors in place.

Removing the dirt for the next 4’ round of lagging. Lagging is installed from the top of the wall down.



Stanwood Redi-Mix on site delivering CDF (Controlled Density Fill) to fill the pile holes after the piles are placed.




8/6/18 Soldier pile wall and CTB complete at the future Athletics wing of the building.


Storm Detention System



6/26/18 Early excavation of the storm detention facility.



6/28/18 Progress

7/5/18 Progress



7/10/18 Spreading pea gravel bedding.

7/16/18 CMP (Corrugated Metal Pipe) delivered to the job site.



7/16/18 Work begins placing and joining the CMP.

7/24 Progress



7/25/18 The storm detention system is nearly complete.

7/30/18 Backfill and compaction begins at west end of system.



8/9/18 Backfill nearing completion. The storm detention system will be completely covered with 3’ to 8’ of fill and the staff parking area and bus loop will be built over the top.